Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just Hangin in the Kitchen,

around the lunch table.

Coco: ....because Joe P is my boyfriend and when we get married we...

Coach: What??

Me: Remember, you can not get married for a long time... How old did I tell you and Joe P, you have to be to get married?

Coco: Ugh... when we're 25.  And then, we will get married (she smiles big at me) and then, mommy will be the mostest proud of me ever!!

Me: Ummm... other things will make me the most proud ever, like graduating from high school, going to college, learning to read and

Coco: And getting married, to Joe P.

Me to Coach: I don't know... maybe my daughters should see me accomplish something other than just being your wife...

My Home,
setting back the feminist movement by decades.

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Anonymous said...

What a compliment. Obviously, Coco recognizes how important a good marriage is. She wants to be like her parents. So sweet!
Good luck to you Joe P.