Friday, March 1, 2013

Dancing Shoes.

Dear Gramma:
Last year, for your birthday, I gave you a taste of a polite yet firm lecture.  I demanded that you: take more time for yourself, tell people no, put yourself first, do more yoga, see your siblings...etc.
And you did!!
For 6 months, you grabbed onto the world.  You shopped with your daughters, got pedicures, went for lunches, took a few short trips, got your hair done and bought these fabulous shoes!!  Bravo!

But then, life threw us a little curve ball.
A bit of a hiccup, involving one of the very best parts of this family.  Immediately following that particular hiccup, several other hiccups occurred.  Too many.
In the years I have been a part of your family, I have seen you a little emotional at times.  Sweetly crying during prayers and family events.  Quietly taking the back seat to your husband and children... Except, on That Day you were a rock.  Steadfast.  Calm.  Collected.  I am sure you were scared and yet you remained strong, for your babies.
I was very proud, you were my family.

And now, here we are again...
Your Prince is renewed.
Your new home is nearly settled.
Your children are well.
And again... I wish for you happiness. 
I understand, you have difficult days ahead of you.  Please know, so many people appreciate your role as care-taker.  It may not have been a role you imagined for yourself but God certainly chose the right person to rise to the occasion.
Please also remember, many people appreciate Just You.  Your presence at lunch, at yoga, at holidays and short shopping trips.  Please schedule time for Just You. Take out your Dancing Shoes.
Happy Birthday, Gramma.
You are an amazing woman.

Blog Public: Please fill the Comment section for Gramma!  Sometimes we need to be reminded, our husbands are not always the most popular!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gramma! Hope it was a great one. Love the shoes! Love your wonderful makeover. You look fabulous.

Arizona said...

i love reading about Gramma, she sounds like the dream Gramma only Hollywood could make up.
I hope you have a very special birthday!!

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday, G! You are like a conductor keeping this crazy family train on the tracks toward great adventures and discovery. We are ALL so very grateful for your never ending kindness and generosity. You are a model for what I aspire to be as a mom and wife. Hope your day is filled with happiness.

I used to be a Hooker said...

Happy birthday!!! Thanks for making so many awesome babies, who then made some more awesome babies. Our family is enjoying the friendships possible from all your hard work!!! Hope you have great day!

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday!! Ditto on the fabulous...especially the day you wore those silver shoes! You are a wonderful mother, grandmother, wife, etc. I'm very lucky to have you as a soon to be mother in law!

Coach said...

Happy Birthday Mom, we really couldn't ask for a better mom and grandmother. No offense Grammy, but its her birthday.

Flag Girl said...

Happy birthday mom! She definately is the dream Gramma! She is also all of the great TV moms all rolled into one. I could fill this comment section up with all the wonderful things she has done for us and everyone she knows. I only wish for a least some of her goodness. are an Angel sent down to us, and we are better people because of you. We were tru-ly blessed when you were picked for us. Love you...

The Bride said...

Happy birthday G!!!

Munchkin said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the wishes and comments. Arizona, just need to remind you that TS sometimes looks through rose colored glasses. I do love my family and extended family, their friends , etc. Had a great birthday and loved the blog. Gramma G

Anonymous said...

happy Birthday Mom, we take for granted sometimes how great a mother and grandmother you are, TV mom is a great example of our upbringing, but please don't regret how the younger children turned out, after so many kids I would guess you just give up trying.....Thanks for being you, Love onehol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ginger
I hope you enjoyed your day. Looking forward to sharing the upcoming events with you.

Sweetbreads Mom