Friday, March 8, 2013

Worn out.

I have spent the last few weeks feeling awful.  My counts are low.  My body is low.  My spirits are low, as a result. Spending weeks feeling exhausted, becomes frustrating very quickly.  And for the life of me, I can not imagine why my body became so worn...
- The Season that would Never End.
Basketball Season began in October.
Coach, coached with the Varsity team.
Tink, had her first little season, locally.
And The Kid, played ball for THREE different teams.  A school team, a travel team and the local team. 
Throw in a few cousins to watch... Equals Coco and I attending more than a hundred games (literally).  Often more than one game, per day. 

 Tink and her crew..

- Blizzard Watch. 
On Saturday, basketball ended.
On Monday, Track began, in the midst of a busy 4 day weekend.  And just as Mom was finally ready to get her children back to school (and maybe catch a few naps...) March Blizzard 2013 hit, turning a 4 day weekend into a 6 day weekend.
Do you have any idea, how exhausting it is to dress then undress then dress then undress then dry then dress then undress, three children in snow clothes??

- As always, my adorable Coco, likes to keep me busy.  She is the Ultimate Drama for her Mama.  Friday, Coco returned from school with her sleeves taped.  Odd. I asked why she had masking tape on her sleeves: "My teacher did it.." No biggie.
As first, I was sorta shocked and maybe bothered.
Me: Coco! Why did she tape your sleeves??
Coco: Because she told me not to chew my sleeves one more time... and then I chewed it one more time... so she taped my shirt.
Me: ohhh...
Then, it made sense to me.
If I taped everything that girl chewed on...

We have a fairly quiet weekend planned, hopefully I can get plenty of rest.  Maybe the snow will melt... maybe Spring will bring better health.
Maybe Coco will turn 4.  And stop licking stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Glad I will not have to jump out of bed rush to somewhere for a game, rush back to Dwight for a game. Not enough time in between games to get anything done. Saturdays are mine again!! Until baseball.
Why is Coco so Cocoish?