Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We didn't go to Florida but we were probably more busy than we would have been on a real vacation:
1. The Kids (and cousins) went sledding (you know, cuz it snows here in March. Yuck.  Dislike.)
2.  Because there was no sunshine or flowers outside... we made a Yoga Spring Break Sunflower. Adorable.
3.  We hosted a little girl Pink Slumber party.  Everything pink.  Clothes, snacks, drinks, plates, sprinkles, nails, sparkles, blankets...etc. Pink everything.  Uncle Coach even wore a pink shirt (totally hilarious to the girls).  I discovered I actually do not own one single pink item in my entire wardrobe.  (Surprising)

 4.) Drove down to find more cousins for our annual Spring Break Trip to the zoo. 
5.  Celebrated Easter and actually managed a seriously cute picture of all three of my children:

In addition:
We took 2 shopping trips (to purchase summer clothes it may never be warm enough to wear).  Started baseball practices. Had a 3 generation pedicure day.  Held a boy sleepover (without a color theme). I did not manage one single shower without a child just walking in the bathroom like they owned the  place... The Kid watched at minimum 2 full seasons of Lost.  Attended a track meet, fish fry, pizza party, took 2 trips to video store and managed several day time play dates.
Now, I need a Spring Break from Spring Break.
I feel like I'd probably have more time to blog, alone on a beach somewhere.... Hint, Hint.


arizona said...

i love the very first picture. captures there tru joy.

arizona said...

gah! remove that post- author!!
i meant:
i love the very first picture. captures their tru joy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun filled vacation. Pictures are not as awesome as Spring Break 2012.
Make all the big kids stop growing. Dislike!!

Coach said...

I feel like these kids are never in school.