Thursday, March 14, 2013

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The first thing that happens, immediately after I have spent weeks stuck at home not feeling well... is the urge to spruce up our home.  We (me) decided, we were going to try several little project, using items we already had sitting around.  Extra gallons of paint, pictures that have never been framed, things purchased (on whim) at Target clearance stacked in a Maybe Someday Pile. Then, include some serious Spring Cleansing.
Sunday, we began to clear EVERYthing out of the hall bathroom.  Empty the drawers.  Freshen the paint.  Much later, after the kids were sleeping, We (me) decided we should use this opportunity to really disinfect the bathroom.

Me: How about we both head into the bathroom, with giant buckets of Clorox and seriously clean every single inch of the bathroom?  Really knock it out, together, as a team??

Coach: Uhhhh, that sounds awful.

Me: ... Maybe it'll be like a Rom Com and we'll smile and giggle over amusing cleaning jokes..  Playfully tossing soapy water at each other and kissing bubbles off noses.

Coach: Rom Com?

Me: A Romantic Comedy!  We'll wear white T-shirts and panties, a peppy re-made acoustic 80's song will play in the back ground.  It'll be totally adorable.  Lovin life...

Coach: Fine.

We entered bathroom.  Totally dressed in sweaty crap clothes.  Our hands burned from Clorox.  No one giggled.  No kissing bubbles off noses.... we gagged and repeatedly verbalized how repulsive our bathroom really was, up close.

Rom Com Moment #2

As mentioned, Sunday morning I tossed EVERYthing old and germy.  Coach spent Sunday and Monday (his day off) sprucing up bathroom.

Late Monday night.
Me: You know what's becoming pretty awkward??

Coach: What?

Me: I threw your toothbrush away more than 40 hours ago... and you still haven't asked me about it, or inquired if I have purchased you a new one.

Coach: This is awkward...


Anonymous said...

Havn't laughed this hard at a blog in a while. Man it sucks being married to a blogger! -warhol

The Mrs. said...

I could literally hear Coach saying "This is awkward" like it happened right next to me.

If the cleaning process in your own home did not satisfy the urge to disinfect I've got another home you can tackle. You know at least one family member of the OCH household would be totally comfortable completing house work in underwear.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible you could try to keep some things to yourself?

The General said...

Thanks for making me picture Coach wearing panties.

Cath said...

LOL! Good stuff.

I used to be a Hooker said...

Of course you should not keep that to yourself. A good blogger knows good material when she smells it. Keep those Tru stories comin'!

Coach said...

This blog sucks

arizona said...

Rom Com LOLZ!