Friday, March 15, 2013

Dear Grandpa:

Start of Birthday Blog:
Dear Grandpa:
Don't. Ever. Do. That. Again.
End of Birthday Blog.
Enough Said.
It has been previously mentioned, early this Fall, Grandpa had an unexpected operation on his heart.  His family was sincerely shocked to the core.
Though, I am honestly confused by how shocked they were... if anything, this family should take a significant portion of the blame.  How could this poor man's heart NOT have weakened??
With 5 children.  Paired with 5 exceptionally awesome people.  Creating 14 grand-children who are beyond cute (like to the point the word cute barely qualifies as an appropriate adjective..)  All to blame because he fell in love with one special lady, many years ago...
That's A LOT of love, for one man to consistently produce. Every single gosh darn day... he's got to smile that huge happy smile, hug little grand babies goodbye, plan lunch dates with his lady, admire his sons' and giggle with his daughters... then he has to check on in-laws, attend all our dances, concerts, games, business openings...etc.
Add in, having to be the single greatest son of all times.  The most devoted Husband.  The Uncle you can always count on... and pretty much, just the Best-Good Natured Man in a minimum 5 county area.
That is a lot of pressure for just one ol' farmer!  No wonder he needed to get his ticker in for a check-up.  And if I may be so bold, to speak for the family: We except the blame and really are not that sorry...  Honestly, we'll probably do it all again.
Because having Grandpa's attention, his audience, his affection... earning his giggle, his smile, his quick phone call... counting on his kindness, his willingness to help, his unwavering support... it is too precious to live without. No negotiations.
So I repeat.
Don't. Ever. Do. That. Again.
You are the best of all of us. 
You are our heart. 
Happy Birthday.. and many many more.


Coach said...

Fact, could not have worded it better myself. Happy Birthday Dad, you are the best.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Pleasure sharing family with you. Grammy

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!

The Bride said...

Happy Birthday!!!

you can call me al said...

Happiest of birthdays to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Flag Girl said...

Happy Birthday!

We are so lucky to have you as our dad....clearly you give Pa Ingalls a run for his money.

Love you

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday to you, the only guy I know who will still laugh at a well time joke mere hours after having open heart surgery.

The General said...

Happy Birthday!