Monday, January 21, 2013

The Commissioner

The Commissioner's birthday is the day following mine.  Very first thing that morning, I texted: Tag. You're it.  Happy Birthday back atchya.
He replied: Thanks.  Up a little early for something that should have a birthday hangover aren't you?
Me: Apparently, 36 yr olds are super lame.  I barely felt like drinking and we were home before midnight.... This is officially what it feels like to be past your prime.
Commish: Yay!  I've got 3 more years of Rockstar.
Me: Enjoy... it's fleeting...
Live it up Rock Star.
One day, you'll be as old and boring as me.
It happens before you know it.
Until then, you're golden.
Happy Birthday, Commish!


The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday, Commish!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, side note: Connor boys can party way into their 40s...Hollahol

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!

Doc said...

Happy belated bday! I hope the concert was superfun!

The General said...

Happy Birthday Commish! And remember, you'll never be as old as TS.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Commish. Have a great year! Gramma G