Thursday, January 17, 2013

Now Accepting Applications...

Today is Flag Girl's 40th Birthday!!
(I know... right?? Who believes that?!)

It is no secret Flag Girl has a large following via the Tru Stories blog.  She's adorable, not bad to look at and she kills the Comment section regularly.

Today, on This Day, the blog is officially establishing a Fabulous at Forty Flag Girl Fan Club. (we're probably having shirts made... and maybe key chains initialed FFFGFC... or something, we're still working on it.)

So if you are a Fan of:
Super cute girls, with infectious Coach-like giggles.
Beautiful smiles and sass.
Fun lovin rock star hair.
A hard core funky fashion sense.
Or a girl which is actually EVEN more pretty, hilarious and likable in person... Some one you WANT to be your friend, whom makes a good time EVEN better, just by arriving... and easily one of the best phone calls you'll ever receive mid-afternoon.

Sign-up within the Comment Section.
(we'll discuss Club Dues at a later date TBA.)

First on the List?
1. Me!
Flag Girl, I am lucky to call you my sista and my friend.  Life really really is better with a State Awarding Winning pretty Flag Girl, hanging around.  Many of my very best memories have (and hopefully always will) include you. Have an amazing birthday weekend.  Giggle, tan, soak up the sun AND the love.  Be safe and fabulous!
Happy 40th Flag Girl!  Aging with tru perfection.


The General said...

Happy Birthday FG!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Flag Girl. I know you had a great day. The Page Turner

Coach said...

Happy birthday, hope you guys are having an awesome time.

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!!

arizona said...

Happy Birthday FG!!
I'm still pretty awe-struck! Our meeting was way too brief... TS isn't an easy one to crack, so you must be tru-ly amazing!! :)

The Mrs. said...

Count me in. I love you, Flag Girl (said in my super screechy fan girl voice)!

The Bride said...

Happy happy happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Flag Girl. Being the middle child has always haunted you. You carried it well.You put life in our household, even when the "Prince of Darkness" followed you around. Have a great 40th and enjoy your trip.(Juan would be proud) Love you Gramma G

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday!! To a pretty cool sister in law, wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy late Bday J shlo, proud to call you my sis and my friend, always love me a quick story phone call, even though I keep you on the phone longer than a quick you, beenfab40hol

Flag Girl said...

Thanks! Im a lucky lucky girl....lots of great friends and family.