Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Tru Stories

   Happy Birthday to my One!!
Hello blog world.  This is Coach once again to give Tru Stories her annual birthday shoutout.  I am sure everyone out there might be a little confused since usually when someone else besides Tru Stories is writing, it is usually me.  Well, I guess that has changed this past year.
Anyway, back to Tru Stories.  Every year I like to explain how much Tru Strories means to me and my family, well this year I decided to do a video of all of my favorite pictures of her.  Even though I am not going to write down how much I am in love with her,
or how much she means to me and the kids, 
or how she completes our family,
makes us better people,
 looks beautiful,
or how she dazzles us with her writing or party planning skills,
doesn't mean that I have forgotten about all of that good stuff. 
So here go's. 
Happy Birthday Tru Stories, cause its stupid.


Munchkin said...

My first thought was, who knew Coach was techno-savvy?

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Bout time! Can we go on Tru Stories dinner date now? Thirstyhol and Sweatbreasts

Munchkin said...

and thirstyhol just stole the comments section... well technically it was sweatbreats...

That Brown Family said...

Adorable! Happy Birthday Tru Stories!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful favorite daughter. Love you. Grammy

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday,TS! Great job again, Coach.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tru stories.
Great job, Coach. Gramma G

The Mrs. said...

Lame! Coach, you should know as an experienced blogger that the picture slideshow is the ultimate cop-out. I want WORDS! I want FUNNY! I'll expect a better showing next year.

That being said, I am impressed with your display of technological savvy and the song choice was awesome. I'll also give you points for highlighting how incredibly beautiful your wife is. You really are a lucky man.

Happy birthday, Tru Stories. I hope it was a great.

Anonymous said...

Who knew savvy was spelled with 2 v's or 1 w,....dumbhol

Arizona said...

Coach you have great taste, loved all those pics!
TS, you're only getting better w/ age, Happy Birthday!

Tru Stories said...

Coach spent nearly 3 full hours at the computer, putting all of this together. (he's not actually tech savvy at all...) Every time I tried walking by, he would body block the computer screen.

There were maybe a couple choice pictures, I probably wouldn't have put on the blog for the whole wide world to see... But it was pretty amazing that he did this.

And yes: great song choice.

And the pictures REALLY REALLY make me want to fly back to New Orleans... Who's with me??!

Thanks Coach. For the post and the great evening.
And thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes. I appreciate them all!

The Mrs. said...

Three hours of picture slideshowing? Okay, I forgive.

Coach said...


Doc said...

Supercute!!! Hope you had a great bday!

Flag Girl said...

Cute Video! Fun pictures! Hope you had a fun birthday!!

Tru Stories said...

Does anyone else watch this video and quietly vote on my ever changing hair color and/or styles??
Just me, then??

After viewing the variety of hats, scarves, hair color, pony tails and additional flair... I really have no idea where Tink and Coco inherited their drama...