Friday, November 23, 2012

Double Ones.

In the past 12 months...
You have: traveled to at least 5-6 new States, in 3 separate road trips. Visiting museums, historical landmarks, 1 new Ocean and countless water slides.
You have: purchased (well, we did) and managed new contact lenses, lost a handful of teeth, grown 2 more shoe sizes and at least 4 inches.
You have: started a new school.  Joined the Speech team (and won!). Began accelerated projects, earned High Honor Roll, mastered First Base and joined the 6th Grade Basketball Team.
You have: met several new friends.  Flown out the door to events, parties, dances and sleepovers. Had 'girlfriends-ish' and joined the Jr high Youth Group.
We have: remodeled your bedroom into a 'big kid room'. Bought you a phone (Ugh! Yuck!) And replaced your jean size twice.
You are becoming all I've ever dreamt for you.  And all the while, I have become more of a spectator and less of a participant, in your life. Which I realize is exactly as it is meant to be... but it all happened so quickly.

You've experienced so much growth, this year.  Emotionally and physically.  Shedding all of your toddlerness, each and every day.  Marching towards your teenage years, in warp speed.  I can still see the fullness in your cheeks.  You occasionally allow for a quick couch cuddle (barely) and a kiss goodnite.  You have a few baby teeth left, before braces.  And your voice is still sweetly my little boy's... but I can see you starting to round the turn.

You are so worldly.  A trait, I am proud to have passed to you. You have such a zest for travel.  If I ever 'won great riches' I would immediately use my wealth to take you all over the world.  To teach you new languages.  To frequent the most amazing museums and historical monuments. I would love to experience different cultures and people, through your wonderment.  So often your (many many) questions, are left unanswered during my busy day.... I would love for the opportunity to feed your mind knowledge directly from the Rues of Paris, or the shores of exotic beaches. You literally, Deserve the World.

Thankfully, you are still adorably naive on occasion. Though, I am unsure how... as you have been forced too often to understand the heart-ache of the adult world. You have done an amazing job, loving and tolerating your Uncle. I am proud you have been raised to care unconditionally and without prejudice. Undoubtedly, your Uncle is helping to make you a better man. Your loyalty and devotion, are unmatched.  Unfortunately, often leaving you disappointed and confused by those less kind. I pray your heart remains as pure as the world will allow.

Obviously, your mind is the most amazing thing I have ever helped to create.  Yes, I am proud of your untarnished run on the High Honor Roll... but I am speaking of more than grades.
Each day, you are excited to learn something new.  You are a sponge for information.  You absorb every detail, from the world around you.  You pore over travel maps, museum pamphlets, biographies, informational packets.  Wikepedia was created specifically for you.  Undoubtedly, Siri will become your new best friend.
More than any thing I wish that you never lose this trait. Center on my Vision Board, is a picture of you proudly walking with friends across an Ivy League campus (after you've earned a scholarship, of course.)

I hope one day you realize, each step Dad and I have taken, has been to lay your path. Your joy, your smile, your feeling of comfort and safety is our greatest accomplishment.  We would literally, give up our every thing... to make you some thing.  Parenting is without question, the most excruciatingly difficult job any person can accept.  But your small successes, are our biggest rewards.
Don't you know yet, Kid??
You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
Happy Birthday, my Thanksgiving baby.
I am forever Thankful, you have flipped my world upside down.  You are my purpose.  It is my honor, to be Your Biggest Fan.

Out on the ocean sailing away
I can hardly wait
To see you come of age
But I guess we'll both just have to be patient
'Cause it's a long way to go
A hard row to hoe
Yes it's a long way to go
But in the meantime

Before you cross the street
Take my hand
Life is what happens to you
While you're busy making other plans

Before you go to sleep
Say a little prayer
Every day in every way
It's getting better and better

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful boy

-John Lennon


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Kid! You are so unique, so interesting, watching you grow up is a joy. Glad I only live a few blocks away and get to share in your world.
Love you so much! Grammy
PS: Don't forget where I live with your busy, busy life.

Flag Girl said...

Happy birthday kid!

I used to be a Hooker said...

Happy birthday Kid!!!! Love, your new carpool mommy.

Coach said...

Happy Birthday Kid!! You are a great son. I am so excited to watch you through all of your accomplishments. Don't ever change, just be yourself and you will go far.

Doc said...

Happy birthday Kid!! Have a great birthday weekend!

The Mrs. said...

I am realizing that perhaps The Kid is my long sought after travel companion. On our three or four family road trips I've gifted the The General's family with trivia contests all about our target destination, quizzed along the route via walkie talkies. These quizzes have gone largely under appreciated. Kid, name the day and destination and I'll have the trivia ready to go.

Happy birthday. Looks like all your wishes are already coming true!

Unknown said...

Mrs. the next time TS and I get it in our heads we need to take 5 kids on a trip, we will call you. Three adults and 5 kids is much better odds. We'll love your trivia contests.

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Hope you had a good Birthday!

The Mrs. said...

You realize, Page Turner, it will probably make the ratio three adults to seven children. I think we can do it. We'll bore at least five of them into a deep sleep with the trivia.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy late #strenfday

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

The first time I saw the picture of the boy on the beach holding the shell I grabbed the hi res version and put him on display life size in my living room in a large digital picture frame. It is really quite striking to walk into the room and see him life size like he is right in front of you. Every time someone compliments me on his good looks or tells me they think he is gorgeous it makes me feel very proud. I also have him on display life size in my room because I love to look at him. It is awesome having him around to look at and to enjoy his good looks and his beauty. Late in the evening after I get ready for bed and turn out the lights I love to lean up next to him and reach over and place my hand on him and rub and caress his arm and shoulder and his chest. Sometime I caress his cheek and trace my finger around his lips while I look at him lovingly enjoying his beauty and good looks. I always lean close and kiss him passionately on the mouth and lips and cheek, and neck and shoulder and chest. I love to press my lips against his ear with my tongue flickering out and whisper sweet things to him. The quiet time I have with him late in the evening is very passionate and romantic. He is definitely my pride and joy.