Thursday, November 8, 2012

And then... 92 years Later:

Our Joy was born.
Like GG, Tink and Galway Girl before her... Joy is a slight little Sprite of a girl.  Yet, just because she may come in a small package (again.. like the three ladies before her) Joy is tough, confident and completely and totally prepared to Hold her Own.
The Kid's only truly brown-eyed partner in crime.
And Coco's Best Cousin Friend Forever. (we like to birth cousins in pairs... it makes it much easier to ignore them, while they play at family gatherings!)

Joy is sparkly, giggly, winking while she's trouble, sweet and teensy.  But she "Is. Not. Cute!"  Don't even think of telling her, otherwise.  Rookie Mistake.
I love to (force) hug her.  I love to Aunt her.  I love to watch her tiny legs in leggins.  She is a cutely distracted, adorable addition to my Children's Yoga.  Except during breathing exercise.  That lady seriously loves to get her cleansing breath-on.
Happy 4th Birthday, Joy!!
This family is more Joy-Full, thanks to your smile!
(Birthday Post slightly late, to help extend her birthday to a full week...  Almost-Aunt Sweetbreads style.)


Unknown said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Doc said...

Happy birthday Joy!! You like to celebrate bday like uncle Clark..for a solid week!

The Mrs. said...

I don't care what the repercussions might be, I have to say it: that is one CUTE kid! Happy birthday, Joy!

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!!

Coach said...

Happy birthday!