Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cyber Self-Promotion Wednesday.

Id' like to interrupt your program, to bring you this Commercial, for some local awesome talent. All prepared to help make your holidays more personal and enjoyable.
1.) Why not order your very own Conman work of art??  Suggest an idea or theme and sit back as our Elf creates a gift for a loved one... or yourself. He is extremely talented, totally under-rated (especially by himself) and uniquely original. 

2.) How about gifting your wife a new and better husband?? Coach actually can not make you a better man... but he can make you a better-lookin man!  Clean up your line for all those Christmas parties and remember... Gift Certificates are available.

3. After your fresh new hair-cut... take you favorite gal to a musical extravaganza!  Check out Chili D and The Teacher, at several local locations.  Singing all of your favorites, not to mention cool mind-blowing remixes and during the Second Hour: some pretty amusing commentary. forshizzle..

4. If you enjoy the musical stylins of our above favorite group... then you'd certainly love an entire evening devoted to Rock n Roll.  Not to mention, totally Hearting Healthy Kidneys, while celebrating our Kahuna.  Saturday, January 12th 2013.
Tickets on sale in December...

5. If all the excitement from attending Rock Concerts and dancing your night away... leaves you tired and sore (not to mention, just surviving the holidays, in general) start your New Year with a New You!! 
Visit our BlacKbird yoga sTudio..
First class is always FREE!  Gift Certificates are available, to purchase your friends and family a little health and relaxation.

All 5 Options, have Facebook pages with more details and information, to help with your holiday shopping.  And all 5 Options are owned, operated and organized by people would honestly really LOVE what they do... We aim to please!
Happy Self-Promotion Wednesday, to one and all!


Anonymous said...

Self-Promotion Wednesday Rocks...sittingbythephonehol

Coach said...

Holla, we all in the hizzous. WHAT WHAT! (right Teach)