Monday, November 19, 2012

Few Things from the Past Week:

1.) The Commish made some funnies on Facebook.
First posting this Comment...

"The fastest way to end your NFL career is to be a starter on my fantasy football team."

And Then... This Picture.
With the Caption.. "Like, if you can find me..."
You should also know.  He has never been nor will be a hunter.  He dressed in full (I'm assuming borrowed) camo to play paint ball with 11 yr old nephews.
2.) I left my home, no less than 3 times, wearing slippers.  Proving I have to be neither 73 yrs old OR living in the country... to start dressing like an Eccentric Old Country Lady.  Also proving, I care very little about embarrassing my husband or children.
3.) The Following Conversation occurred between the girls, while watching the American Music Awards.
Coco: I'm gonna be a rock star jus like dat... when I'm big. I'm gonna be on TB and dance and sing jus like a rweal rock star.  Will dat make you berry happy?!
Me: I would Love that!  I will watch you on TV.
Tink: Me TOO!!  Me TOO!! 
Me: You're going to be a Rock Star just like Coco?  I promise I will watch both of you on TV too.
Tink (signature bored eye roll): Ummm... No.  I'm not going to be on TV.  I'm just going to WATCH Coco on TV, with you.
Me: Way to aim for the stars, little girl.

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Unknown said...

Giving Tink a DS for her birthday has done nothing to help her join the world. I think she only joins real life when the DS goes dead.
Coco you are a rock star.