Friday, November 30, 2012

A Christmas Princess

Yesterday, we received exciting news, when our little Tink was asked to be the Princess in our town's Christmas Parade (this evening). 
* Side Note: Tink was asked after the girl's name drawn was unable to perform her royal duties. We'll happily take Back-Up Princess!  We're not too proud!
While Tink is certainly adorable enough to be a princess... we are very aware that if we expected any daughter to be crowned atop a float... it would have been Jazz Hands Coco, for sure.  And when Coco received the news, her face instantly registered Jealousy, Anger, Unfairness and then... Smiley Joy for her Tink.  Coco is now 'So Proud'.  Not since Tink's one evening cheer leading performance, has Coco had a worthy reason to respect her Big Sista. (opinion of respect, based strictly on Coco's shallow scale.)
After receiving the news, it was clear to me that Tink lacked the appropriate snow princess attire.  Grammy immediately rushed to Macy's for a more fluffy snow white coat.  And maybe... just maybe... I'm shopping this afternoon for more accessories.
I realize, we sound a little drama.
But who expected this little baby below...
to actually gleefully remove her teeny bottom from her couch spot and command a parade float??  Not only is Tink willing to participate... but the girl was actually practicing her princess parade wave, with her Poppop!! Wha the..??!
So if my Tiny Tinkerbell attitude is gonna ditch her DS and both smile AND wave, at the same time???  By golly... I'm gonna treat her like a Princess, all day.
This must be what Gramma G, felt like...
To be a mother of Royalty.


Unknown said...

I miss that chubby face and super curly hair.

Arizona said...

Happy parade day!

Tru Stories said...

While I was busy shopping this afternoon... in a debate over the Perfect Snow Princess boots... I was on the phone with my mom. She was giving her opinion (per usual).
Finally, I told her to "Just be quiet! She had no idea the pressure I am under, to dress a Princess! She wouldn't know... her kids were a couple of losers!!"

Anonymous said...

Im glad we went, she was adorable...and that wave! -Warhol