Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Christmas Parade

Some of you may have heard ... I'm the proud mother of a Snow Princess. I honestly could not believe how brave she was.  Her wave was perfection. 
I chased the parade all over town.  I could not stop watching her.  Despite my manic chasing, I never snapped a great picture of the wave... Maybe it was the running or the spastic smiling through tears, that impaired my photography skills.

Her Prince, was her neighbor for years.  They still carry a mini-crush for each other which made the entire show even that much more adorable. 

Let me put this in perspective: This Princess was soooo cute: Poppop actually RAN to the other side of Downtown to see her wave one more time... Poppop. Ran.  That's how unbelievably sweet our Princess was, She had the ability to make Hell freeze ober.

Any good princess will return to her balcony (yoga studio steps) to continue waving to her royal subjects. (I'm not sure anyone was actually walking by.)

 Dora came into the Studio to hug Coco.

 And then Eme...

And then Grandpa  (This man is no dummy, he knows photo opps get him prime-time blog coverage.)

Coco was totally ready for Santa.  She even PUT HERSELF TO BED after school and PURPOSELY took a nap, to be rested for Santa.  Only 3 yrs old and she already knows how to play the game.

Just because she is able to wave to fans from on top of a float, does NOT mean she wants people touching her.. No Danks.  Not even Santa.
Tink agreed to 'stand next too'  the Big Man but she refused to actually touch him.  At the last moment, Santa tried for a hug... notice Tink maintained a semi-smile while frantically reaching for me.

I always love the Christmas Parade. It is the culmination of small town living. A scene cut from the most adorable Christmas movie.  Last night, will live forever as one of my favorite Christmas memories of all time.

*The most annoying part of last night??
As I ran behind the parade crowds, I repeatedly heard comments such as "I think that is Coach's (insert real name) daughter!"  "Oh... That's Coach's girl!"   and even one "Hey... Aint that Coach's kid?!"

Ummm Yes she is technically Coach's daughter... but do we think Coach had anything to do with the adorableness of that hair, outfit, wave or frankly the actual growing of her entire existence?!  She is MY daughter, people!! Dang, by the time the parade was turning the last corner, Coach was already at the Varsity Basketball game.
End Mommy Rant.
I mean, just cuz the man has an awesome 3 pt shot and a charming disposition... does not mean he is magically able to produce life, completely on his own.
Ok.  Now, I'm done.


The Page Turner said...

That was a special night! She is a beautiful Christmas Princess. Coco looks angelic cuddled on Santa's lap. Oscar Worthy performance.

Arizona said...

that picture of Coco is priceless. Little Tink was beautiful!

The Mrs. said...

Tink, you looked BEAUTIFUL! That hair, that outfit, that face - all perfection. Love. You and the neighbor boy are no doubt the cutest prince and princess to grace East & West Main Streets.

Sorry we missed the royal procession, but after seeing that frightening Dora that entered the viewing area, I think I'm glad we weren't there. I didn't think it was possible for Dora to be scarier than she appears on TV.

Anonymous said...

She was an adorable, cute princess!!
Pregnant lady

Coach said...

I wouldn't say that the 3pt shot was the best part of my game, just a good compliment to it. Oh ya, Tink, you were one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

kori said...

Such a special night! They were full of cuteness! She looked very pretty. I have to agree, my very favorite Christmas parade moment, ever! Happy Holidays!!! =)