Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Super Hero Hidden within Clark.

If I were to plan my perfect birthday, it would go something like this: I would set my alarm for VERY EARLY in the morning.  Dress in warm-ish gym clothes.  Step out into the crisp cool Fall air.  Gather in a crowd of thousands of seriously trained athletes and then... Run more than 13 miles.  (after I was Luc Luc Lucky enough to PAY for the privilege.)  All before 10:00am.
Sounds Puurrrrfect!! Almost Dreamy.
Now seriously, that is not even on the same planet (universe) of my perfect birthday... but it was exactly what Clark wanted for his day.
Clark is a bit of a mystery... sorta un-sunshiney on his crusty outside.  But when you have the opportunity to crack his self-grown shell.. he is actually kinda gooey, sweet and giggly on the inside.  Clark is love-struck, loyal and always up for a great time.  He's an attentive and devoted father, totally livin the dream with his awesomely successful children and beautiful wife. 
Clark- with his SuPer HaPPy SmiLe!!
Happy Birthday, Clark!
Thanks for all the 'Good Times' and many more to come.  For your birthday... I wish you More of The Same.  Your life is already so great, I just want you to have so much more of it!
Despite your gruff exterior: I actually consider you to be one of the happiest men.. because you know exactly what you have. Continue to chase after life... the run looks good on you.
But maybe... read a few less political books this year... maybe try a couple more fictional feel-good books! Just an idea.