Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dear Sons of Anarchy

I think I'm gonna have to quit you.
I'm not sure how.
But you are totally out of control.
I was already on the fence after the first episode of the season. Last night, got ridiculous.
I used to watch television for entertainment.  Now we watch as a couple, taking notes on how to survive an electric blackout, alien invasion or the world falling to zombies. (we are convinced any scenario would beat me and Tink within a week..)
And thanks to Sons (the recent previews for the new American Horror Story) and heck... even Parenthood... I am currently watching TV with covered eyes and a twisted nervous stomach.
I mean, come on Sons!! Draw a line.
Silver Lining:
Do you think Opie's real-life wife, in the real world, was secretly thrilled because now her husband can finally shave his face and cut his nappy hair??
Two questions.
A.) Am I the only person who covered her eyes like a 5 yr old last night, while her husband repeated Don't Look! Then, am I the only person who did not listen and looked just when I should not have??
B.) Are we the only couple watching current TV shows while making survival plans?? ie.. discussing buying a new fireplace and stock piling food/water...


Coach said...

Fact, she did close her eyes and then opened right when I said don't, just in time to see the worst part. Also, I believe these shows are teaching us valuable lessons on how to survive in the future.

Anonymous said...

Im looking forward to the can of whoop ass Sons is gonna open up on a LOT of people! wishIstillhadmybikehol

The Mrs. said...

How far behind are we? Because, per usual, we have not watched a single episode of SOA and now I feel the need to catch up even though I already knows what happens (Facebook was blowing up last night with the news).

I suppose maybe this can fill the void that will be left by The Walking Dead and a lack of AMC (Dish Network, I hate you).