Sunday, September 2, 2012

Friday, May 21st 2010

We were in Willy's (the setting for many intimate occasions) Sweetbreads had just delivered a snarky comment... amused, I paused and with all seriousness my gut urged me to blurt "Will you marry us!!?" (Yes... with exclamation points.) 
That evening, I knew without hesitation that Sweetbreads, Just Fit.  I wanted her in.  Flag Girl cutely and enthusiastically nodded in agreement.  Sweetbreads, was Golden.
On Friday, Warhol FiNaLee made it official.
And I could not be more thrilled.
Welcome to the cast, the crew, the good times and bad (they are definitely mostly good!). Welcome to our world, our show.... our Family. 
You have become my yogi, my buddy, my friend and now... my sister. (well... sister-to-be)
Thanks for FiNaLee... makin this official.
You're a pretty Cool Cat. 
My sincere and heartfelt Congratulations to the both of you.  We have enjoyed countless hilarious memories over the last couple years.  I can NOT wait to create countless more.
Not since Coach and I... have I witnessed two people, use two such twisty and rocky paths... to lead each other to love.  Also just like me and Coach, I am certain the journey will make your love more cherished.  (It's possible... I'm about to break into a Firehouse song '...found the love of a lifetime..'
I'll try not to bring a snake to your wedding. But if I find one lying around... I can't make any promises.
All my love,

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Anonymous said...

You can bring any reptile you choose, we'll still let you in. happyhol