Thursday, September 27, 2012

Check. I've seen a Cardinal.

My Dad's birthday is coming up and buying gifts for him is notoriously awful.  This afternoon, I Googled "Gift Ideas for Bird Watchers".
I trolled several Bird Watching blogs.
Scanned a few Yahoo question sites for Birders buying for family members. I Amazoned book ideas...
After awhile, I reached this final thought:

Long as I live...
I will Never. Ever.
Get those lost minutes back to myself.

What's the only thing worse than Bird Watching??
Answer: Reading blogs about Bird Watching.


Unknown said...

I'll tell you what's worse. Coming home from a very, very long day of work, all I wanted to do was zombie in front of the, immediately I need to make hummingbird food and hear about every bird that came into the yard today.
Someone needs some birdwatching buddies.

Coach said...

This is true, I have heard all of the bird talk.