Monday, September 24, 2012

Bondi Beach

If I were to write a travel piece on the beauty of the Australian Bondi Beach... it would be a piece of (birthday) cake. (though... I've never actually visited) but have been blessed enough to bask in the blond sunshine of our personal Bondi Beach.
Description: A bright pop of color, sparkly, full of shine, fresh, pristine, friendly and inviting.
That is our beach Bondi, for sure.
5 years ago, we were lucky enough to spend our Parade Party celebrating your birthday!  How adorable was your sweet little face?
Purple icing and all....
5 years later, you are equally as adorable.  Maybe a little taller... your hair is a little longer and your lip a little less iced.. but just as adorable!
But you are NOT just another pretty face.  One of my sweetest Aunt moments to date??  Receiving my personal copy of your Paris report in the mail because you remembered I've dreamt of traveling to France.  So thoughtful!!  You are equally as kind as your mother.  A tru care-taker.  I could easily see Bondi becoming an exceptional nurse, teacher or doctor.  Making her world a better place.
We love your giggle, your soft smile and good nature. 
What is it about this family??  The little blondies are just too cute and lovable... Happy Birthday Bondi.
As she mentioned SEVERAL times yesterday, 'She is NOT a baby, anymore!'


Flag Girl said...

Happy birthday sunshine! Hope you enjoyed your day! Glad I got to see you. Your one year prettier as well as one year older!!!

Anonymous said...

How many 10 year olds get to go to a seedy bar and have the opening song by the band be Happy Birthday? pays to know the right people...happy bday Worhol

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Bondi! And thanks for the reminder! :)

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!!