Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Number Five.

I officially crossed over 500 blog posts. In celebration, I have created a gift for our 'public'... (if you will).

There's a catch. To receive the gift, I have created...
My family of 5... during this week of 500 posts... would like to reach 55 Followers.
Becoming a Follower, makes it VERY easy to Comment. And let's be honest, sometimes the Comments, are the best stuff.

To all of our silent stalkers:
In Ireland, Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado,
Florida or Chicago... to my friends,
who log on to catch a glimpse of their children.
Or a mention of Asher.

To my neighbors, Street Sweeper and The Bride's Father, sharing their nightly Happy Hour session, over a few Miller Lites, while discussing the daily posts... (The Bride's Brother: You owe me $100.)

To my mother's SF crew. And Sweetbreads' Mommy.
Or my friends in AZ.

To anyone, who has enjoyed a laugh at Coach's expense. A slice of Tink talk, an icky update on Coco, pretty pictures of Flag Girl and Doc, or Warhol's hilarious Comments... It's time to Pay-Up.
The moment, this blog reaches 50 or more followers:
I will post the Blog Celebration Present.
(and it's not the pic of Doc.) It's better.

And to Munchkin and Mrs: Who will claim, I am beggin for followers... Get over it! My desperation, typically benefits your follower list as well... so bug off.
I got no shame in my game.


Sweetbreads Mommy said...

Happy to be a follower

Anonymous said...

Is it the famous pic of the Commish unhinging his jaw to eat a cupcake? -Ionlytakeflatteringpicshol

Tru Stories said...

Ok... I'm not for sure it is better than the Cupcake picture (what is??)... but it is cuter.

em said...

OK--I'm a follower, but you'll have to thank the Mrs.--I started reading yours because I was following hers. You do, however, post more frequently. Just sayin'

The Mrs. said...

Em, you are dead to me.

(Just kidding.)

Happy 500th post. I won't give you a hard time for fishing for followers, but I will gently remind you that you have me to thank for pushing you gently into the blogging world in the first place. I consider it one of my greatest life achievements.

Munchkin said...

i would start complaining right now except i apparently don't have anything interesting enough to post anymore and after reading through old posts by you and the Mrs. i just feel inadequate (except for the arby's post, that was classic)

Unknown said...

People we are really going to need people to step up to the plate. I want the surprise. If you do not know how to sign up, ask for help. Millhouse, let's get some of your AZ friends signed up. Do what needs to be done.

hockeygram said...

I love your blog & think you are hilarious. You should be writing a column for a major magazine. Love your family even though I've never met you, your husband & kids.

Milhouse/Arizona said...

Obviously I can be of no help, I have 12 followers... I know many more read. apparently my crew is largely afraid of commitment.
shameless plug:

or just click over there --------->

Tru Stories said...

While you are busy looking over to the right... click on 'Join This Site' and become a follower!! Because this cute surprise is just sitting here... totally waiting for 50 followers.

The Brides Father said...

Okay I've joined, now that Streetsweeper and I are the neighborhood alcoholics. Our images have been ruined by this blog

Tru Stories said...

Brides Father:
Blame your son for the Miller Lite shout out.
And tell him he owes me $100.

The Brides Father said...

I had to ask The Bride(by the way, she needs a new blog name now that she is PG) what the $100 was for. Will have to get back at John Deere