Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Fair Warning:

Not only did Eight's birthday kick off a whirlwind of extremely necessary texting... it jump-started a Birthday Bonanza. September 23rd- November 22nd, my blog will memorialize/celebrate TEN birthdays.

3 nieces. 2 Bro-in laws. 1 Lil GG
1 Father. 1 daughter. 1 husband
and ending with 1 son.

In addition to famously entertaining tributes to their uniqueness, I will likely recap each event with adorable pictures and interesting commentary. In Conclusion:
Consider this your warning. If you are the rare breed, whom detests birthdays. Hates celebrating another year in the life of a loved one. Loathes happiness, candles, yummy cake (weirdo) and wishing others the gift of Joy.... Welp, you may want to take a mini-blog break. Go ahead and save us to your Favorites. Check back for the holidays.... but it could be your loss.
Because: Who has two thumbs and likes throwing a kick-a$$ party??? This girl.
(that maybe losses something in type.)
PS- I've got some pretty awesome bday plans cookin.

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