Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Legally Changing My Name:

It's officially happened: I forgot a birthday.
My poor, innocent, kind, never-hurt nobody...
Nephew Number Four.
Here is my list of excuses:

1. I got a brand new calender, two weeks ago and haven't finished filling in all the dates and birthdays (that's a fact)

2. My whole schedule has been thrown for a loop, since changing all my yoga/pilates classes to new dates and times. (also a fact)

3. Last week, got sorta busy, with Tink starting school. (fact)

4. It's all his god-father's fault, because he should have totally remembered and reminded me!
(Coach is a jerk.)

5. My bro/sister in-laws are terrible for not calling me out, on my HUGE mistake and helping me recover with a bit of dignity. (FACT!! I guess, as long as I am blogging about Chili... that's all he cares about!)
Ok... not really a fact. It is totally my fault, alone.

6. I secretly resent Four, because he proudly wears the Purple/Gold.. I grew to view as my enemy in my home town. (ok... not really a fact either. But he would look much better in green. Just sayin.)

So this afternoon, I am driving to the courthouse, to file the paperwork, to change my name to one of the following choices:

1. Mrs. Worst Aunt Ever of All Times.

2. Most Thoughtless Blogger in Existence

3. Conceited
(it's short... I'll be like one-name Madonna)

4. Nervous Nelly (that Doc is gonna hurt me)

5. Ms. Now I Have to Work To Win Back Clark, Doc and Four's Approval McPherson.
(It's wordy but I think it has potential....)

Feel free to vote on your Favorite.
After I return from the Courthouse,
I will compose his Birthday Blog.
If he even still cares.....

PS- I'm awful.


Unknown said...

Because I am TS mother I will admit she is extra stressed right now. I feel like if she had a new puppy it would help her relax.

Chili said...

You have officially moved from Inlaw to Outlaw!

Bookkeeper said...

Page Turner, you just crack me up!

Anonymous said...

You have always said "You cannot have a small party in our family" You are right. There is a lot of us and I would not vote for any 1-5You have done great so far. Just Human like the rest of us. # 4 is very forgiving.

Doc said...

Hey TS, its #4.
I don't hate you I'm just 12 but remember,next time you will be in trouble!!You're still awesome and don't change your name it's awesome,but if i had to pick it would be number 1.Number 4 out.

The Mrs. said...

Four is funny like his aunt Flag Girl.