Friday, September 30, 2011

Carbonhill: I'll see your Space Mobile and I'll Raise you 32 Bugs.

Apparently, it seems to surprise many to learn, I am actually not that Girlie. Sure, I do not 'get' camping and I prefer a pool to a beach. I do not stand in the rain (naturally curly hair does not friend the rain well) and I steer very clear of locations which house any blood sucking insects (ie. ticks or spiders).
Otherwise, I am not afraid to pick up snakes. I don't mind getting dirty. I caught a toad this week, I've disposed of bats. I'll catch worms and caterpillars, while gardening to show the kids. Therefore, when The Kid was assigned a large science project, showcasing various bug types: fine no problem. He had a few disappointing solo hunts, with minimal results. This rainy Tuesday afternoon, him and I set out on the hunt.
Rain: Broken Tru Stories Rule #1
We started lifting giant rocks. I snatched up centipedes, worms, crickets, beetles, slugs...etc.

I found a butterfly, caught that (which hurt a little knowing I had to kill a butterfly). Coach happened upon a wasp. Grammy and Pop-pop found an amazing (apparently pregnant via The Kid's doctor-like intelligence) praying mantis. (we did not kill her.)

Then... on the last rock I turned over, hid my mortal enemy. I was immediately gripped with fear. I felt my entire body resist the urge to jump back. But... I really bleepin love my son. I mean, I really must.. because it took 4 grabs for me to finally catch, this very aggressive and not cooperative wolf spider. Eeekk!!
We popped all the insects in the freezer (his teacher's suggested manor of termination) and put the project together, the following evening.

Ummm... the freezer obviously shrunk the spider slightly. I promise, it was 4 times hairier and larger than that, when I caught it.

(FYI: He drew the State shape, himself. Luv him.)

The assignment stated, a student must catch or print pictures of 15-20 labeled bugs to earn an A grade. The Kid's finished project listed 32 different bugs. We disposed of at least 15 additional bugs, we decided he didn't need. Nothing like obnoxiously over-achieving. It's so confusing, why The Kid is having trouble fitting in with the other boys his age.

Question... did I blog this:
to brag about my bug catching skills?
to brag about my smart son?
to trump the Mrs.'s space project?

or as proof for my son, when he yells "HE HATES ME AND I NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR HIM!!!"... that one time, I stood outside in the rain, catching wolf spiders.
Now... he can take all that love and shove his "NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR HIM"! This was nearly equivalent to taking a bullet, for that child.

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Unknown said...

Your Father is very proud of you! He even had to look at how big the spider was. He thought it was a huge spider for you to have caught. I am thrilled to see all your artistic skills showing through on your children's projects. I knew that art degree would help you in life. Now please teach them French.