Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The License Plate Game.

Because we are Small Town Dorky and Proud, we ordered personalized plates for our new van.
(I know... super cool!) We put in three options for the final number and per usual, we did not get our request.
Instead, they sent us a random number.

It reads... (insert our abbreviated last name)
(BLOG) 2

Two?? Really?
So we spent a solid 20 minutes, trying to make up a reason to tell people, for why we choose the '2'.

For Example:
-There are '2' adults in our home.
-We met in February the '2'nd month of the year.
-Coach was Football All-Conference '2' times.
-We have '2' daughters.
-My heart leaps 'twice' when Coach enters a room.
-I am '2' inches taller than my husband.
-We rarely have '2' working toilets, in our home, at the same time. Making our plumbers '2' times richer.
-'2' people in this house 'habs ugwee brown eybes'.

We are accepting suggestions...
Please play The License Plate Game.
I love to see which of our Followers, is the most HIlarious. Winner gets some mad Blog street cred.


Unknown said...

Coach is 2 Cool
Tru Stories is 2 Sarcastic
The Kid is 2 smart
Tink is 2 hilarious
Coco is 2 mean
The entire family is 2 much

Flag Girl said...

Coaches sisters Flag Team was STATE CHAMPIONS "2" times!

Chili said...

G.S.W. Panther (Chili) beat Coach 2times at 2 on 2 basketball 2sday night.

Anonymous said...

No 2 barber in town, No 2 husband, second rate street bordering first rate side of town, and sometimes it seems like second chance around at acting like college kids. -1hol

ct said...

i am still laughing at "my heart leaps twice"