Monday, September 5, 2011

Coco's Week-End...

Coco kept busy on her long holiday week-end by:

Falling down the bleachers.
Putting a rock in her mouth.
Dipping her Barbie's hair, into a patio baby pool and sucking the dirty pool water, from the hair. Repeatedly.
Staying strong, during an impromptu Saturday late night with the Mrs... until 1:35am.
Licking the kitchen table, without reason.
Biting her sister.
Oh... and she colored a picture.
She's especially proud of the forehead portion.

She's really a special little girl.


Tru Stories said...

And I DID NOT, keep busy playing with my new Beagle puppies.... 150-some blog hits a day... and NO ONE has heard of a Beagle puppy give-away??
Or...just maybe... Coach has totally put the fear of God, into anyone whom dare suggests, where I may find one. (or two.)

The Mrs. said...

I would like to clarify that I was out of your house by 1 am. I don't want to take all the blame for keeping her up that late, although introducing her to Makeup Girls probably set back her sleepiness a solid 45 minutes. I should have just brought her home with me. I could hang out with Coco for days and not get bored of her adorableness. We're night owls around here so she'd fit right in!

Unknown said...

Coco wants to live her life to fullest. She is a free spirit!

ct said... this girl! i'm tellin ya, her and will are going to be the perfect match! ;)