Thursday, September 23, 2010

'Light Up your Face with Gladness...'

If you were a....

..Barbie, you would be Skipper.
..Pretty Pony, you would be Buttercup.
..Disney Princess, you would be Cinderella.
..Flower, you would be a glowing Spring Tulip.
..or a window box bursting Full of cascading Petunias.

You are a brilliant Primary Yellow. A radiant snuggle of Sunshine. A sparkle so blinding, I need sunglasses to absorb your twinkling chatter.
You are softly bouncing, while standing still.
A welcomed, invader of personal space.
The dazzling Rainbow, glowing in our Sky.
You have inherited your Mother's infectious spirit-lifting Joy. Her compassionate, Mother-Hen devotion. You both, are a cloud of shimmering Summer-time Bubbles, at each family gathering.
for shining your warm beam of love,
in our direction.
Happy Birthday, Eight.
We adore you.


Sweetbreads Bailey said...

A very Happy Birthday to you, Eight!! Hope to see you soon, pretty girl

The Page Turner said...

Wow, someone's Aunt thinks they are special. Happy Birthday! I remember when you were like a little Tink!

Doc said...

Happy golden blog birthday #8!!
Love Doc,Clark,#4,#5

flag girl said...

Happy Birthday....Eight! To a girl who always smiles, and makes my day brighter, just by being you! Oh.....and who also has awesome hair

The Bride said...

Happy Birthday #8!! I love your happy hellos and smiles at football games! Here's a big High-5 to you on your special day!

Coach said...

Happy Birthday #8, I cannot believe you are the little baby I used to sleep on your couch with.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, #8. Hope it was great and lasts for days. Thanks for the fun we had on Thursday. Love, Gramma G

you can call me al said...


The General said...

Happy Birthday 8!

The Mrs. said...

Happy belated birthday to a total sweetheart. Hope it was great, Eight!