Thursday, September 9, 2010

10-Four Good Buddy!

Webster's Definition of 'Good':
adj : of a favorable character or tendency : handsome, attractive : agreeable, pleasant : salutary, wholesome

Webster's Definition of 'Buddy':
noun: companion, partner : fellow (used in informal address) : friend.

My Definition of 'Good Buddy': Our Four.

You are Coach's Godson-buddy. Your Dad's Cubbie-Buddy. Tink's oldercousincrush-buddy, Your sister's Bigbrother-Buddy, Your Mom's lightupherlife-Buddy. You are, this entire family's... Buddy.

And...You. Are. Good.

You are polite, well-mannered, well-behaved,
well-dressed, well-spoken.
You are always in Good-humour.
A good baseball player, a good brother, a good son.
You were Good Daddy Practice for Coach.
Inside and out, you ooze Goodness.

Having you around, makes us feel Good. Calmer, safer more relaxed. Sometimes, this crazy giant Irish ship of a family needs a Port in our Storm...
Thank you,
for anchoring our Clan,
Good Buddy.
Happy Birthday, Four.
We love you!


Doc said...

So tru!! Happy 11th birthday #4!!!
Love you Clark, Doc, #5,#8.

The Page Turner said...

Happy Birthday 4. It is so sweet when you pick Tink up when she falls and falls, and falls.......

Coach said...

Happy birthday #4, I see big things coming for you.

flag girl said...

You are,Three's #1 Fan-buddy!

Happy birthday Four!
One, Three and Flag Girl
Wish you a Great! Birth! Day!

Anonymous said...

Can,t add anymore than tru stories did except that you are a great grandson. Thanks, Clark&Doc. Love you Four!!

Tru Stories said...

First: How about Coach's FIRST official Comment?!
...only took him 13 months to figure it out. Congrats.

Second: Four may be Three's #1 Fan-Buddy...but
I am his #1 Fan-pathetic
Coach is his #1 Fan-dedicated to Travel.

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday to the only member of The General's family whose birthday I can actually remember. We still claim we have never heard Four talk (although I have heard him giggle on multiple occasions and his eyes tell a thousand tales without uttering a word), but he sure seems like a sweet kid.

you can call me al said...

Happy Birthday!

The General said...

I finally had a chance to hear him talk after the Park to Park run as I was laying the smack down on him in some MLB 2009. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!