Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life imitating Art

I know a man,


- is the last one to leave each and every party.
- has never heard the phrase, 'over staying your welcome'
- likes to 'close his eyes' just real quick, for a minute.
- will leave his wife stranded at the door, while he very slowly extends just one more goodbye.
- will call a family member, for just 3 minutes, because he heard something funny.
- will rearrange several calenders for a basketball game.
- will rearrange several calenders for a softball game.
- believes that viewing Warhol's art on a bar wall, is the next best thing to The Louvre. And really replaces the need to ever travel there.
- is pretty sure everything that is important will happen within 65 miles of here.
- would help a complete stranger, get a ride to the nearest gas station, while forgetting he left his very own wife, home alone waiting on him.
- would never take Oprah's, 'No Phone Zone' pledge. Otherwise, how could he possibly make a five minute drive without calling Flag girl.
- thinks Coach is superflyawesome.
- is ready for something sweet, upon finishing the last bite of dinner.
- thinks The Commish, is practically running this town.
- thinks Doc is really a doctor.
- is happy to start a home repair project and solidly finish 86% of it.

Is the man I am describing....
A.) Grandpa
B.) Coach
C.) Both of the above.

Re-read the list. The superflyawesome comment is more funny now.

I appear to have married a man that is quickly morphing into his father. I could be just a tiny bit creeped out by this revelation, except there are much worse things that could happen.
Grandpa, is a wonderful, friendly and loving man. He is a friend, grandpa, father and uncle to many. He has raised children who are funny, brilliantly out-going, charitable and obnoxiously helpful. I can honestly say, that the community is just a little bit better due to this man living amongst us.
I appreciate every blizzard, sarcastic quip at my expense, text message and extra dessert snuck my way during the fish fry.
On this day, I will honestly admit...Grandma and I are pretty lucky ladies.

But seriously, do you guys always have to ditch us at every single social event?
Happy Birthday, Grandpa.
We love you.


The Page Turner said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa. It is a pleasure to share our family with your family!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a good one!!

flag girl said...

Nailed it....Tru S

Hearing Grandpa laugh....I mean spit flying out of your mouth laugh, can brighten any day!
Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

Munchkin said...

hahahaha, I'm half sure he has narcolepsy...
Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

This is sooo true!! Happy birthday Dad!! Love you Doc

The Mrs. said...

A great man with a huge heart - happy birthday, "Grandpa"!

(Flag Girl - you ALL have laughs that can brighten any day. Just thinking about you & Doc laughing together makes happy!)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, to a man who always says "Hello" to me when I see him, it always brightens my day!