Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Worst Summer Eva...

Around lunch time yesterday, The Kid dramatically declared himself "sooooo bored" and this the "most boring summer ever..." and within minutes he had Coco declaring the same sentiments.  To which I immediately made a list.  Since the end of May, the kids in this house have:
participated in family weddings, gone to basketball and baseball camps, played countless baseball/tball games, had over nights at cousins'/Grandmas and friends, week long vacation in Florida, children's yoga, night tag, blueberry picking, Bible schools, swim lessons.
Mud parties, Candy Store openings, retirement parties, family park nights, bike rides, weekly library reading programs and art classes, Farmer's Markets, river boat cruises, 4th of July parties.
Weekend in Shelbyville, piano lessons, beach club days, afternoons at friends' pools, the town pool, a baby pool in our yard, family dinner dates.
Attended and held Cook outs, smores around fires, boating, play dates, trips to Target, Ikea and the mall.  Walks to the video store.  Family Thursdays at the Mansion patio. Etc.. etc.
Sure... I'm soooo bored, I am a walking Summer-time Mother of three who may lose her mind if I have to sun screen or bug spray one more little body.  I haven't looked at this blog in weeks and I would pay a million dollars just to spend one very quiet 24 hours with my husband in a clean house.

Shortly after his I'm Bored Tantrum, The Kid was sent outside to do serious yard work... who's bored now beyetch??!!
Too much?  Sorry.
Is it even August yet?!


Arizona said...

that picture makes me want to puke, he looks like a... i'm not going to say it.

Coach said...

Holla, not to much at all, these kids need to start pulling there own weight around the house.

The Mrs. said...

My sister-in-law, mother to seven, has the greatest line of all time and for the first time this summer I used it and loved it.

"If you tell me you're bored I'll find something for you to do".

This statement is immediately followed by housework of some kind. Brilliant.

That being said, I am more than comfortable with mid-August taking its sweet time getting here.

The General said...

If I knew you were good for it, I would totally clean your entire house and take your kids for 24 hours.

Unknown said...

General - the only million dollars you would see would be Coach's million dollar smile!
TS: Take that terrible manish picture of The Kid down right now. Seriously. Stop it. From now on please only post pictures of him from 6 and below. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I giggled a little at this because I hear it all the time too.