Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coco Keeping Up Tradition.


Every. Single. Year.
Crying during the Cousin picture.
She's fun.
But look how cute those kids are!


The Mrs. said...

I have two theories why she's crying:

1. You would not allow her to throw up her rock hands.
2. She hates One. He steals her thunder and she's not a fan.

Gipper's face pretty much steals this year's picture.

Unknown said...

She is really worked up this year. Oh Coco and her DrAma.

Anonymous said...

Growing too fast!!Gramma G

Cathy said...

Gipper's face takes the cake for sure! Coco's crying cracks me up. I think Mrs. may be onto something with those theories. This is a great tradition picture, neat to see how much more grown up they look each year!