Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just two more Florida pictures:

I swear.  The last two.
The first, I promised to show The Mrs. another glimpse into the Real Coach.  I already posted the following picture. Sweet, loving each other.  Lovin vacation.  Both weirdly wearing perfectly tropical colors...

But what you couldn't see... because I immediately Edited/Cropped out the 'Coach-ness' in the picture... On this beautiful, soft, white sand...
Coach is wearing dark navy Addidas on the beach.
You can see if you look close, his feet are just barely touching the warm ocean, but still carefully protected from actually having to feel the water or sand.
No barefoot weddings on the beach for that guy.

The LAST and final snap from our Florida trip features The Kid.  I took this picture (with my phone) around 3:30am somewhere in north-ish Florida.  Look at how he is so twisted, turned and very straight up.  It looks beyond uncomfortable... and yet, that is exactly how he slept for probably 3-4 hours.

Ok, now I'm done.

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Unknown said...

That is just weird Coach. Walking in the sand and water is the best part!!!
The Kid sleeping is the best.