Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some of the Summer Activites Keeping me so Busy:

Once again, I was the teacher in the Art room at Summer Bible School.  Always a busy week but lots of fun for the kids!  I got a few pictures on the last day.
Coco and St. Patrick (currently they plan to marry each other and I would be totally fine with that.) 
Unfortunately, they broke up while playing on our yard last week.  St. Patrick stormed off, arms crossed and yelled "Now.... I will NEVER marry you, now!"
Two days later, they were back together. Looks like they're gonna be 'that' couple in High school.

Our new Brave Tinkerbell.
She hand-raised volunteered in front of a VERY full room to compete during a few games.  Marched over and chose Tom to be her partner.  She was sorta miffed they didn't win... (I don't know, maybe Tom could have leaned in more...)
But it looks like our little blue-eyed girl likes a little healthy competition in front of a crowd, like her daddy.


Tink and her buddy Flower.
With the cutest freckles ever.

Another great year at Bible School.
Thanks Bouchers.  The kids love it.

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Anonymous said...

Love that Tink came out of her shell. Such beautiful children make it a wonderful week.