Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Tale of Two Cities

This past weekend, a friend from high school threw a charity event to benefit a school she teaches for.  Flag Girl, Chili D, Doc and Clark accompanied us to my hometown for the concert.  Setting the scene for my 'old world' and my 'new world' to have a mini collision (all in good humour!)
Sarah, me and Steph.  My highschool BFFs.
We met with Sarah and her fiance Matt, first.  Later Flag Girl and crew met up with us.  Sarah immediately took to Flag Girl (who doesn't??)
Sarah: Wow!  You are so pretty!  Your skin is beautiful!
Flag Girl: Thanks!  You are my new best friend.
idle conversation for a few minutes...
Sarah again: I can't get over how beautiful your skin is!  What skin products do you use?  What's like your whole night time routine?  May I ask how old you are...? (she continues like this for a bit...)
Then Matt leans over and whispers: Hey, I'm super creepy... can I wear a suit of your skin??
Best delivery of a 'line' EveR!!
The next morning, Sarah texts me: I'm Facebook stalking Flag Girl right now.
Minutes later Flag Girl texts me: Sarah just Friended me on Facebook... Worlds Collided.
It was a fun evening.  Good music.  Great cause.  Only could have been made infinitely better if Doc hadn't been called into the hospital to save lives...
Darn havin to keep people alive.


Anonymous said...

I laughed aloud...Worhol

Coach said...

It was a fun and creepy night.