Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Her Last Chance to W(h)ine.

Continuing the wedding festivities...
Saturday, we celebrated a Bachelorette Party for The Teacher (the prettier half of our Fav Band).  The Teacher requested a tame, simple bash and that is pretty much what we gave her.  We had a little wine tasting at the yoga studio.  Threw in some crafts (threw a few wine corks down each other's tops...) 

We then hired two distinguished designated drivers to take us to a wine bar out of town.. (and by 'hired' I mean we just told our husbands when to show up, told them where to drive and then told them to get lost and leave the girls alone.)

 The Teacher was pretty excited to have her own DDs.

 (Coach continuing his tradition of taking great pictures with random women, other than his wife)

I took barely any pictures because I forgot to take out my camera. I do remember... the back of the van thought they were pretty funny...
Nice little gathering.
And now, on Friday, The Teacher will marry her Very Nice Guy.  Capping our busy wedding whirlwind couple of months!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to a couple of my favorite people. DDhol