Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Sunday, the Priest from our church retired.  We attended his last Mass.  Yesterday, The Kid and I were discussing his future, while the girls played around us.

The Kid: So where is Father going?

Me: He is moving to Chicago.

The Kid: With his daughter that lives there?

Me: Yes.  And I'm sure he will travel.

The Kid: And we are getting a new Father?  I wonder what he'll be like.  How old is he?

Me: I haven't heard.  I don't really know anything about him.  I hope, he is as good with all you kids, as Father was.

Just then, Coco walks up to me with her faced crinkled and crushed.  Big tears in her eyes, lip out, chin shaking...
Me: What's wrong?!  What happened?

Coco: Mom, I don't want a new Daddy!  I don't want my Dad to move to Chicago.... I want to keep my father! (big dripping tears...)

Me: Hun!  Not OUR Daddy!  Your Daddy is not moving to Chicago!  The Father from the church is moving.  Father Rickey!  Not our daddy.

Now... take a moment and re-read The Kid and I's conversation. Ouch.  Poor Coco.  Eavesdropping can be dangerous!


Anonymous said...

I was a little nervous too. Coach is working so hard on the sweet shop. Would hate to see him go.

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I left the last comment, haha