Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Florida 2013 (Thus Far)

Immediately after The Teacher married Her Really Nice Guy, Warhol and his Fam plus Us and our Fam, took off in the morning for an 18 hour drive to Florida.  (Wha?? Exsqueeze me? Baking Powder??  Did she say 18 hours?!  Yes. Yes, she did.)

We hard core, drove straight thru... like, we only fed our kids once, drove straight thru.  The fastest potty breaks eva, drove straight thru... and it got tense.  Warhol got a wee bit stressed.  But Day 1 at Siesta Keys Beach?  Made every minute worth it.
Most Beautiful Beach, I have ever seen.
We saw a REAL Manatee swim past us!  Just feet away from The Kid.  We collected sand dollars with our toes.  We watched tiny crabs swim and bury themselves.  Amazing.

 Yep.  Coco still Rocks Out in Florida.

Day 2, poor Galway Girl found herself ill.  So the Coach and I gathered the other kids and headed to an alligator farm (Gatorama) about an hour away. 
PS- Gator Farms in the middle of southern Florida, are warm.. and sweaty and smelly.  But I loved it.

We each took turns holding a LIVE gator.
Which the worker caught, by walking his flip flopped feet around in a giant pool of teen aged alligators.

 Look at my very brave Tink!!

You should know: I don't wear make-up in Florida.  Sorry... but my face is literally melting...
 I flippin loved holding this!
Coach said, I smiled less on our wedding day...

Coach was not amused by the reptile.  He also was MUCH less amused by his baby girls holding the animal.  He really flipped his lid over this peacock...  He did not want this bird anywhere near our kids, while I actively encouraged Coco to reach her hand out.  Dang!  Live in the Moment, wimpy!

Many more Florida pics to follow!


Anonymous said...

What am I doing while the best part of my family is gone? Taking care of Ts family dog. Not getting much sleep. Running back and forth between houses. Not fun.
TS loves reptiles. Grammy

The Mrs. said...

First of all, I can not believe you drove 18 hours and THEN drove another 2 hours round trip to hold some alligators when you have a beach and pool nearby.

Secondly, I giggled at the picture of Coach and the gator but laughed out loud at the last picture because a)I can tell by your red faced, sweaty girls that it must be miserably hot 2) I've sat in the heat of an Illinois July during swim lessons with Coach and as a result know his thoughts on hot weather and 3) I noticed he's holding not one but TWO water bottles. I can not imagine this was his dream vacation outing.

Still, looks like you're having fun! Feel better, Galway Girl and rock on, Coco!

Munchkin said...

I've been to that place! It freaked me out when the workers just walked around in alligator pools like it's NBD