Sunday, June 23, 2013

Boca Grande:

Used to be the home to hundreds of pirates...
now it shall be known as the perfect setting for a Tru Stories Photorama... (I love a good photo opp.)
We rented two golf carts to cruise around the island.

 (Tiny pink Tinkerbell toes)

 (Warhol and family)

(Dancing Beach Beauty)

Next, we checked out a perfect old lighthouse:

And then traveled down a few local roads, which were authentically beautiful.

Out of all of these amazing pictures taken on that afternoon, the next is my most favorite.  Coach really loves his hometown.  Sure, he enjoys vacationing and is still his bubbly self but he really prefers to stay close to home.  This week, he was able to take one of his favorite people (besides his wife and children....) down to Florida with him.
Look past our kids, past Coco flashing the world, past Tink and Galway's matching sunglares... over to the brothers.  Who knows what they are talking about amongst all our chaos but they are cracking each other up.  As they did All Week Long.  And sometimes, usually, they crack us up as well.

Great day on a couple Golf Carts.


Unknown said...

Looks beautiful! You are living the good life.

Coach said...

I am sure we had to be making fin of somebody.

Coach said...

Fun, not fin, I wasn't making an ocean joke.... I am gonna stop talking now.

Tru Stories said...

It's almost like Coach does the typos on purpose just to keep up his 'image'...

Anonymous said...

Luv the tinkerbell toes shot. The feet and toes are really beautiful. I have tons of girl feet I display in my home that I absolutely love to admire. Her feet and toes would be very special put on display life size.