Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yes... it's Tru!!

As many have heard: Coach and I are purchasing a business. Gulp! It is a perfectly quaint building, exactly the type of space Coach and I need. I am renovating the front half, into my dream Yoga studio. And I am completely and totally DROWNING in my ideas!!
I want my studio to be 'Green'.
(paint color and environmentally)
I want my studio to be inviting.
I want my studio to be calming.
I want.. I want... I want...
Plus, when one person with lots of ideas (aka me) and one person with lots of cheerful encouragement to others spending their money (aka Doc) go shopping at Menards, it may cause a brain to nearly explode with excited plans.
My current weekend obsession?? The exterior. I've mentioned my love affair with New Orleans. And weirdly, our new building has a bit of a European corner flair. I plan on accenting this. While searching pictures and ideas... I also found I am now extremely attracted to small-town Irish storefronts.
I understand, at some point the Main Street organization was offering small grants to area businesses... are they still? Because what needs to happen to make our town look like this??

The colors. The flowers. The park benches everywhere.
I would spend my entire Summer day, strolling around Downtown. I LOVE it!!

I am abruptly stopping my day to make Lists about when to make a List about Listing new ideas and projects for our building. My current List?

1. Find an Awesome sign painter and offer him Yoga for Life, for creating my perfect store front. Suggestions on possible sign painters... anyone??

2. Choose the perfect paint colors.

3. Win the Lottery.

4. Hope Lisa Scottoline offers to be my bestie and fund my Downtown Redo Project.

5. Or Oprah... or maybe Menards.

6. Convince Coach to build about a billion window boxes. Give or take a few.

And now, I've added to my List:

7. Visit Small towns in Ireland to fuel my inspiration.

I don't know...
That list seems do-able. If I read the list to Doc, she would smile brightly, nod enthusiastically and cheerfully encourage "Yes!! We can do that! That sounds awesome! I LOVE that idea!"
If Doc wasn't so Bad-A$$ed,
she would have made an amazing cheerleader.

Stay tuned, MANY more New Building posts to follow.
MANY more.


Unknown said...
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Munchkin said...

Which building is it?

Doc said...

Shopping is fun..but spending YOUR money shopping was SUPERFUN!!

p.s. I was a Sunbury Cyclone Cheerleader '82-'85.

stock said...

I'd love to see downtown Dwight look like this! Main Street needs to do something -- anything. Dwight needs more Connors. There; I said it.
I like your color style. Good luck on West Main St.

Tru Stories said...

Thanks so much Stock.
And trust me:
Us Connors are more than doing our part, to make sure there are plenty of us walking around town!

Bird said...

Those benches look so inviting. I'm with Page Turner in that we could use a coffee shop/book store. Maybe throw in some of those benches and flower boxes. I'm excited for you and your dream studio!

Stephanie said...

After the wedding....I would be more than happy to put forth some hours in whatever you need done! I can't wait to see your dream become a reality!