Friday, February 10, 2012

I'll Holla to That

For Warhol's birthday blog I won't nauseate the Tru Stories blog family by posting things about his amazing talent, his sweet caring nature, his glorious calf muscles, etc.

Instead, I'll share a few of MY favorite things I was lucky enough to share with Warhol this past year.

New Orleans: Warhol loved this beautiful city and got to share it with some of his favorite people. I loved that he faced his fears AND promised to do it again (Soon!)

Summer: Fortunately for him, "the summer of Sweetbreads" was over and we actually got some work done. I moved back to town and we all enjoyed some serious pool time. Warhol's kids got it on that too and we were all jealous of their tans. We got to enjoy lots of Country Mansion patio days, parties, bike rides, snake wrangling, Shelbyville boat trips....Oh. Wait. Just Shelbyville. (Kidding, Mrs!)

Friends & Family: It's hard to pick out just a few specific good times we had with our friends & families this year. Mostly because the there were so MANY. And also because a lot of our friends are also our family. I do know we acquired tons of good stories to tell!

I feel a little guilty hoping for an even better, less classy year with you but I'm confident it can be done.

I also asked Warhol's kids, Quincy and Galway Girl, to give me something to put into his birthday post and this is what they gave me~

"Even though you scratch your butt on the wall,
we still love you"


"Even though you looked bad in the 80's,
we still love you"

Classic. I think what they were getting at is they still love their Dad..No Matter What. I know you worry that they won't think you're cool when they grow up, but today Quincy is viewing the infamous 'puberty' video at school. And tonight you'll be escorting your daughter to her first dance...even though you're also her date. So, Warhol: They are growing up. And it looks like they still think you're pretty cool.

So have a few more holla's, laughs and smiles this year, Warhol.
Happy Birthday I Love You


Anonymous said...

I am speechless....WOW! It rocks being me, not because I am so cool or shockingly attractive...because the company I am blessed enough to keep each and every day. Sweetbreads, I love you, Tru Stories, way to loan the reins, everyone else thanks for the birthday wishes......and I DO NOT scratch my butt on the wall....sometimes my back.

Cath said...

Aww, very well said Sweetbreads! Happy Birthday, Luckyhol!
p.s. I may or may not have pictured you scratching your butt on the wall while reading that. pretty funny stuff.

Doc said...


Munchkin said...

i'm embarrassed to say I also pictured you scratching your butt on the wall.... anyway.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Also, holla to Sweetbreads on the Shelbyville comment, nicely played

Unknown said...

Great job Sweetbreads. I want to go on record as saying as soon as I read there was a birthday surprise, I sent TS a story and asked if you were blogging.
Happy Birthday again, Warhol!!

The Mrs. said...

You're all dead to me, but I'll give you a birthday pass, yourcalvesreallyarespectacularhol

Anonymous said...

Good job, Sweetbreads. Happy Birthday Warhol. This is one date you didn't have to worry about. Just wondering if when you were growing up, did you think Dad and I were cool? I don't think I want to hear that answer.Love & many more. Mom&Dad

ct said...

very well done sweetbreads! i LOVE what your adorable children had to say about you warhol! love it!

hope you had a great birthday!