Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jump Rope for Your Life!

Last night, the jump rope team was scheduled to jump at halftime of the girls high school basketball game. Nerrrvooouusss!! My girls did an excellent little routine in our kitchen that afternoon, I expected: leaving their awesomeness completely spent for the night.
The evening before the event, Tink slowly began dropping hints that "mine muscles might be too tired." By lunchtime Day of Event, she casually mentioned in passing "ummm, I jus think my mind changed".
Twice I excitedly questioned Coco about her BIG plans, she knocked her hip out, hunched her shoulders up and replied "ehhh, I don remembered".
Then JUST as the girls lined up to parade onto the floor, Coco took a swipe from a neighboring rope, bursting into tears.
I assumed... Done. Pack them up, these two drama queens are never gonna make it onto the court.

Except... they totally did!!!

Coco rallied, surrounded by her cousins.

Owl (per usual) remained focused and ready to execute her performance perfectly.

** Galway Girl also jumped her advanced level skit amazingly but I'll be honest, I was waaaayyy too much a total wreck over the mini-girl group, to photograph some old girl whom repeatedly delivers a flawless routine!! (Boring) At this point, it's news to NO one that Galway Girl is comfy putting on a show.**

The view from my camera may be a little fuzzy... though my actual real-life view was as blurred from relief tears at my lil ladies!! I'm not sure if they landed a single jump but the fact they sweetly marched out in front of the large crowd?? Very proud!!

And my Coco??? Cuter every second.
Something tells me That Girl, is gonna enjoy herself a standing ovation. Hopefully... it's not from setting the school cafeteria record on eating the most ketchup packets in 60 seconds... fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

The girls all did great at the game! Coco had to be ushered off the court.....buttbusterhol

Anonymous said...

It was a great performance. All my girls were awesome. You made your Gramma PROUD.