Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Mom has Celebrity Friends!!

Yesterday, my mom wrote a cute little post on her blog. Chatting about spending the afternoon with my kids, shopping at Barnes and Nobles and purchasing a quick and nice read called "Save Me" by Lisa Scottoline. Grammy wrote a upbeat review of the book and I remember thinking: This sounds interesting, if I EVER HAVE TIME, I should totally read this.
And now... I really have too.
Because Grammy and The Author totally just become besties!! The Author read the actual post and Commented on her book blog! How crazy is that?!

Congrats Grammy.
I'm happy your blog got such fun recognition. Remember the little people, when you hit The Big Time. Everyone: Skip over to The Page Turner, to check out The Comment and bask in Grammy's glory!


Unknown said...

She could have offered me free books for talking her up.
Just saying.

ct said...


Anonymous said...

Great job. Between Lisa and Opra these blogs are sure getting noticed. Congrats. Gramma G

Anonymous said...

Dear, tru stories, to make it to the big leagues you need to step it up with more stories about Warhol, he sounds fascinating.-Lisa Scottoline.

Munchkin said...

my favorite post of warhol's yet

Tru Stories said...

Warhol really is funny.

Unknown said...

Warhol is super funny. I sound like an idiot laughing out loud at my computer. There is no laughter in claim work.
He probably should not make light of how BIG having Lisa Scottoline comment on my blog is.