Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three Plus Nine = Twelve.

Ok... we get it, Flag Girl is pretty.
Dang, there's like break-off blogs across the nation dedicated to Flag Girl. If I posted about her weekly, I'd probably have followers in the hundreds. Puke. Enough already, it's not like she's a Homecoming Queen!
I'm sooo over her cuteness.

Honestly, I actually sorta dig her edge.
The secret edge, reserved for friends. (Yes, sure... she is cute even when edgy) but the sarcasm, the wit, the occasional sassy mood?? Now that's the real Tru Story. During the last 12 months in the life of this Girl? She chiseled herself an edge, alright.
"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na"

* She proved herself to be a Warrior. Muddy, mean, competitive and determined. Scratching her way over and through big dumb obstacles, pushing down barriers, crawling and digging herself out of the mud and towards the finish line. Leaving many intent on beating her will, far behind. Oh... and she competed in The Warrior Race in June, too. Wink.

"I gotta brand new attitude
and I'm gonna wear it tonight"

* Flag Girl opened herself to new adventures. Conquering fears, boarding planes and strolling down the romantic and historic streets of New Orleans. A city rebuilt and stronger than ever after a storm nearly destroyed their beauty. She smiled, laughed and danced... "I got my rock moves and I don't..."

* She totally Crashed a Wedding. Just waltzed right in, sashayed up to their photo booth and flirted her way through the most adorable pictures Eva. Confident, a real badmothawatchyomouf! She ain't scared.
"And guess what, I'm havin' more fun"

In the last 12 months, she has blossomed in the light of love, rallied within a giant cloud of family love, furnished a home with a beautiful eye for color and compassion. She tried new foods, attempted new sports, met new friends.
Most importantly...
Flag Girl has mothered her children with a fierce loyalty, gentle touch of the hand to the arm, unwavering understanding and devotion (which is nothing new) in addition, she has taught her boys that life and love are a challenge worth fighting for. What's the only thing better than a Homecoming Queen? A genuine Role-Model, with the strength and grace to inspire. And that: makes Flag Girl tru-ly beautiful.

Happy Birthday, Friend.
I wish you 12 more months.. 12 more years... plus many more... of inspired Joy and continued new beginnings. You have earned all of life's rewards.

"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na"


Chili said...

Well said T.S.. She is all of those things and much much more, except she's not such a badmothawatchyomouf on ice! Happy B-Day Flag Girl!

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

A very happy Birthday to you Flag Girl!! You deserve to have a great day!

The General said...

Happy Birthday

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Flag Girl! Here's to another great year for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to someone I consider one of my lifelong best friends. -brohol

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday pretty Flag Girl!

Coach said...

Happy bithday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Flag Girl!!!

Doc said...

TS wrote it perfectly...a genuine Role-Model, with the strength and grace to inspire. If I was able to choose a sister...I would choose you again and again!! Hope you had a great birthday!! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

You described her to a T. She is an awesome daughter (just like her sister) She is my Jen again. Love you and Happy Birthday to a terrrrific Mother. Proud to be your Mom!

ct said...

happy "late" birthday flag girl! hope you had a great day!

Cath said...

Happy Birthday, Flag Girl!! Hope you had a super day!

The Mrs. said...

It's a day late but no less heartfelt: Happy birthday, Flag Girl! You deserve nothing but the best!

Flag Girl said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes...and such a nice Blog!