Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Funday

The most amusing thing on the Internet right now, is the series of pics posted to The Twins Mamas facebook page. I have copied only a handful of pictures from her series and it was the highlite of my Sunday.
Apparently, the twins parents have recently purchased new 'big boy beds' to encourage the boys to sleep separately. Now... each nap time/bedtime has become a game of Where Will End Up Next?
And... I'm totally diggin it.
First, a pic of the bedroom (post twin tornado):

Followed by an Abbreviated Series:

Why is that basket on him??!!

Lovin every minute.
No fair..! I want cute and amusing twins!
Coach never gives me anything fun.

PS- No one tell The Twins Mama, she could probably start her own blog with these pictures. Stealing her material, is helping keep this blog afloat!!


TwinsMama said...

I'm glad that the craziness of our lives can bring joy to others. Trust me - for every cute an amusing picture, there are hours of trouble that preceeded it...


Unknown said...

Those pictures are hilarious!

Arizona, via the Farm! said...

i would absolutely follow that blog!