Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby, It's NOT cold outside...

The past few days have been amazing!
We have happily walked around the yard, like it is April. (It is no secret, I detest winter.) I even got the opportunity to get outside and do a little yard work (Shock Alert: I removed the outdoor Christmas decorations BEFORE tulips have bloomed!!)
It may feel like Spring outdoors but Coco is not too eager to lose her Christmas spirit. She refused to remove her new second skin (Punkin's hand-me-down Black velvet Christmas gown).

Completing her outdoor ensemble with one of Tink's rainboots (paired with one of her own) and a total physical meltdown in regards to a quick brush of the hair. Real cute stuff, Coco. I can not believe, I never imagined a child could be more defiant and oddly dressed than Tink. I almost miss the outdoor pajamas.

One major difference,
Tink wore whatever she felt like, without a care or much notice to her parents disdain. But if you argue, encourage or comment on Coco's outfit selection... Like, with maybe too many pictures..

You're likely to tick a girl off.
That glare is scary advanced for a 2 yr old.

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Unknown said...

Even Popop was shocked by how bullheaded his preci ous Coco was this week-end.
She can remove shoes & socks so fast it is amazing.
Tink's wardrobe is and always has been about comfort. Coco she likes to dress up. I'm almost sorry I ordered a fairy dress for her. She will be wearing the heck out of that!!