Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stealing Material...

Yes, the blog is moving into the New Year, a little slow. While most families are tired and stressed, starting January... our family is tired, stressed, planning an awesome relay dance AND kicking off the tail end of a great basketball season.
Plus, our kids are sorta boring right now.
Cute but boring.
Therefore, I made an executive decision to post a picture of a friend's children, without even her verbal consent. Simply because, this picture is amazingly cute AND hilarious. Twin boys... and how they fell asleep.

Even more ironic??
Over Christmas break, Quincy and his little sista (whom was extremely nervous by the possibility of the Christmas Elf moving amongst her in the night) stayed over. Early morning, Coach found Quincy sleeping just a bit crooked on the sectional. Being a good Blog Husband, Coach snapped a picture:

Little boys are funny.
One day, their wives may find sleeping with them, a little less amusing. I mean... seriously Coach... PUT YOUR jerking KNEE DOWN!! And stop arguing with our sheets all night!


Anonymous said...

The one standing by the crib made me lose it. Quincy..well,he gets it from his grandpa. perfectsleeperhol

Arizona said...

those twins could not be cuter!! i love them.
and my husband sleeps w/ his dang knee up all the time too! the swaying is ridiculous.

TwinsMama said...

Consider this your verbal consent - We are honored to make the blog.
Fun moments such as this one are becoming a daily routine since we made the harrowing transition to toddler beds on 12/19. It was against our will, but BB#1 felt the need to nose dive into the glider chair over and over forcing our hands. I figured the pains of childproofing a whole room turning it into one big crib trumped a visit to the ER with a broken neck. Ahhh the joys of parenthood.

TwinsMama said...

Oh - And thank you Arizona for the kind words. They are awful cute when sleeping. Awake can sometimes be a different story... ;-)

Unknown said...

Super cute!

ct said...

little boys are super cute, i must say! ;)

i love both of these pictures! adorable!!!

proud momma of 2 crazy boys!