Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who is excited for Tomorrow??!

Tomorrow, Coach will repeat his Guest Blogging Performance, for my Birthday. Let me remind the blog community:

* Coach has afforded himself a lifestyle, which requires him to write an email once each month. That email is rarely more than 6 words long. Those 6 words, are typically not capitalized or correctly punctuated.

* He does not have a Facebook page, an Ipod or Iphone, he is oblivious to where the photos are stored on our computer and it took 13 months for him to Comment on my blog.

* In our Self-written Wedding Vows,
His Opening Line:
"Tru Stories, I love you so much... It's Stupid."
(That is unaltered.)

* If I sent Coach a Text Message which read:
Can you run to the store, Tink is demanding more chocolate milk! I think Coco just ate dog hair. I am about to give both girls a bath. BTW- The Kid got an awesome report card!

His reply would read: K
or maybe if he has extra free time: Holla

* Typing and letter forming skills aside...
Coach is deeply emotional To.The.Extreme.
For example,
If I were to ask him to "Tell me Something Nice".

His Reply may be:
"Ummmm... Let me think.....
ummm... ok... just give me a second,
I'm thinking!!!! Ok...wait...
Uhhh... Dinner was good tonight. I like potatoes.
And.... you have hair? That's brown?"

It's like living with a Hallmark Card.

* Last, his actual Comment on his sister's birthday blog, just yesterday?? "Happy Bithday."

* But he is fairly creative and he has MAD throw-down comeback skillz. On Monday evening...

Tink: But I don wanna share wif my sista!

Coach: You HAVE too. You need to be nice to her.

Tink: I can't. She is jus little! I won't share cuz I am bigger than her!!

Coach: You have too, because I am bigger than you!

Tink (sigh and then total attitude): Well... (sassy Tink face) the whole Earthf is bigger than all of us...!!

Coach (immediately taken out of the game, because he had to run to the other room to giggle.)

I ask again... who's excited for tomorrow?!


Unknown said...

I wish I could be excited. I'm depressed. My child is going to be 35 tomorrow. Super old!

Flag Girl said...

I will add...I did also get a text yesterday from my brother The Coach that said

Happy Birthday Holla......

arizona said...

honestly... i'm pretty excited about Tink's guest appearance after that comebcak!

Tru Stories said...

Flag Girl...
I had no idea your brother had gotten so emotional with you yesterday! Did you tear up after receiving that text? You must be a pretty special lady to him.

Anonymous said...

The blog will be fun......but talking about it at Willy's tomorrow night will be funner! -35?...grosshol

Anonymous said...

You're describing my baby?