Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Planning... Planning... Planning... and then more Planning...

With less than 3 weeks remaining until our Annual Relay for Life theme dance... my blog (and really the rest of my life) is taking a FAR backseat to my planning. Literally hours have been lost deep in the Internet abyss... researching music, film clips, Hollywood starlets and Oscar mania.
If not for the near constant little girl screaming (not to mention hair pulling, scratching and biting) over a tiny sista stealing big sista clothes.. toys... Punkins old nightgown (Oh no Coco didn't!! Not the green polka dot nightgown!) Like I said, if not for the brawling, I may not even realize my children were home. Thankfully, The Kid occasionally texts me from the other room... sooo we're still tight.
Planning... Planning... Planning.
I'm close to 'planning' a trip to a Malibu-esque Party Planning Rehab... because giwrlfriend... I am obsessive. And. I still haven't gone dress shopping.

Dear Hollywood Masquerade Ball-
You Own Me.
I only hope, I can do you justice.


The Mrs. said...

Coco is cute as can be when she's wearing the too-big-for-her fushia and black dress, but she is crossing a line taking Tink's polka dot nightgown. She's lucky Tink didn't cut a ho with a move like that.

Unknown said...

Mrs. that "cut a ho" line is hilarious.
TS I'm sure that you will do the Masquerade Ball justice. The dances are always awesome.

Tru Stories said...

Mrs: Your Comments are almost poetic.
Though, it was a pretty accurate description of Tink's reaction.