Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

Lovely day. Sunshine.
Family. Lots of cousins..

Beautiful warm temps. (Finally)
Let's go fly a kite..

Pretty girls in bright colors.
Great food.

Oh... right...
and Coco set Tink's hair on fire, with an Easter candle, during Mass.
So that happened. For realz.
As you can see... Tink's fine.

Pretty typical holiday for my children.


Tru Stories said...

And thanks to The Mrs. for taking these beautiful pics.

The Mrs. said...

I guess my streak of no blogging can continue since you stole all the pictures I would have used. Thanks for doing the heavy work!

Munchkin said...


still L'ingOL

Page Turner said...

Conversation with Tink several days after Easter:

I was playing with Tink's hair as she cuddled on my lap.
Tink: Be careful of this part of my hair. It is where Coco started it on fire.
Never had that conversation with a child before!