Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Selling a house..

After just a few days, we listed our home with a Realtor. 
Within five days, we had three showings.  Each showing went well, though I believe we are still looking for The Buyer. The home we thought we wanted, sold to another.  Which lead to a few stressful hours before I had The Revelation:
I live in a nice home.  Fixed up with care.  Filled with love.  But I've had this nagging feeling this house wasn't My House.  I'm looking for a piece of property that when I take just a few steps inside, I immediately think "YES.  This is my home."  The type of home, they have to drag my stubborn old lady pajamied body out of as I cling to doorways with wrinkled fingers.  I'm not looking for fancy.  I don't need brand new.  I'm just looking for My Home.  Our Home.  I'm not sure that home is currently on the market... but I'm looking.  And I'm sure it will pop up soon. (Positive thoughts... Visualize the future.)
Until then, I've learned a few things during the process:
1. When you're home is on the Market, you clean.  All. The. Time.  Like, it's my New Thing.  I don't blog.  I don't pluck my eye brows.  I certainly am not exercising... I clean. Clean and clean and clean.  When I finally purchase My Home.  It will either be immaculate all the time, out of habit from my current situation... OR.. it's possible I may never clean that home, ever.
2. If you leave for an ALL day long Saturday track meet.  And your home is pretty clean but at the last second you couldn't find part of the track uniform and you rampage the laundry room like a cracked out maniac and leave clothing spastically all over like the aftermath of a clothes tornado... Rest assured, your Realtor will call you for a last minute showing, while you are 45 minutes away, deep into your Track-off afternoon.  And you'd better hope you have a good friend, whom is willing to rush over and pick up your family's dirty laundry (literally).  Thankfully, we had one of those friends.
If you casually look out of your bedroom window, on the morning of a Showing.. THIS:
is never something you want to see.
I strolled outside and casually (with Nooooo attitude what-so-ever) was like "Ummmmmm..... What exactly is This??" with my arms dramatically motioning to the giant hole being dug.

Any-hoooo, I feel like thus far, things are going very well. 
Coach and I remain positive.
Happy Thoughts.

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